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Calm Connected KIDS self-paced Course

What Can You Expect?

Four 60 Minute Educational Videos (Valued at $720.00)

Four LIVE recordings discussing the weekly modules

Unlimited access to email Chrissie questions along your learning journey (PRICELESS!)

20 years of knowledge and experience of teaching and supporting children with extreme behaviour issues (PRICELESS!)

A life long understanding of your children and skills and strategies that will continue to work long after I am gone (PRICELESS!)

A relationship with your child based on trust, empathy, connection, love, teaching and guidance: Every parent's dream!

Course Price $297.00 (excl GST)

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Calm Connected Families

I have truly found this course one of the most valuable things I’ve done in a very long time. Our family dynamic has changed for the better, more than I ever expected and I can’t thank you enough already. Thankyou for educating me so openly and and kindly. Your knowledge of children is astounding!



Chrissie is absolutely incredible. Her strategies and knowledge are simple and do-able. Our household is so much happier and calmer thanks to Chrissie.



I cannot begin to thank you enough! We have taken away so much from your course. So much insightful knowledge and a better understanding of our children’s behaviour.  We have seen some big shifts in behaviour, not only in our children but also in us, how we approach behaviours and deal with emotions.   Your approaches work and work quickly which is amazing! I am so thankful that I signed up for this course not only to learn more about our kids behaviours.



During Week One – "Fresh Start” we will cover:

  • Perceptions & Expectations
  • Environment, energy & layout
  • Emotional temperature
  • Routines and structure and why they are so important for kids
  • Organisation
  • Visual routines
  • Unplugging – ditching technology & the benefits
  • Setting kids up for success

During Week Two – “Hearts & Brains” we will cover:

  • Teach and model brain care for children
  • Why empathy is your most important tool
  • Behaviour is communication
  • Understanding emotions
  • Teaching emotional resilience
  • Becoming your child’s emotional coach
  • Ditching punishments and consequences

 During Week Three  – “Connection” we will cover:

  • Connection cravers
  • Filling up kid’s buckets
  • Fostering mutual respect, trust, safety & intrinsic motivation in children
  • Teach through love and connection
  • Micro moments
  • Connection activities

 During Week Four – “Communication” we will cover:

  • Power of positivity
  • Explicit language- talk so kids listen
  • Optimal learning time
  • Labelling behaviour
  • Direct Instruction
  • Power of the peer
  • Indirect reprimand/praise

Work at a pace that is suitable for yourself, as you have 4 weeks' access to this course from time of purchase. 
Watch from the comfort of your own home on a laptop iPhone, or listen like a podcast.
Easy to digest and short videos.
Weekly tasks and printables.
So much value and information for families to support you on your parenting journey.
Life long insights and strategies that keep on giving, long after the course ends!
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One very happy dadda.

Damian is a father to two boys aged 4 years and 20 months. His wife and himself loved being able to complete the course at home, as it was like having your own personal behaviourist in your living room! Listen to what Damian got out of this course...

"This is a simple, effective and no nonsense approach to parenting which results in happy kids and happy parents. I think I learn more in this four week self paced online course than all of the parenting books I have read combined. Chrissie is like a breath of fresh air and she is so confident, encouraging and reassuring. She answers all of your questions and never makes you feel judged or not good enough. I highly recommend this course to all parents."

Lisa, mother of two

Thank you Chrissie, you're an absolute gem!

With 2 small children, a small business and the general chaos that is life, the Chaos to Calm KIDS course was a game changer for Amanda and her household. Take a listen...


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