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"Parenthood is NOT about raising kids who are happy & compliant all of the time. It comes with a deep understanding that our children are going to make mistakes and feel big emotions.  In these moments we want them to know unconditionally that their safest place is within our arms."

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What Can You Expect?

 Weekly Video modules (Valued at $720.00)

Four LIVE weekly chats where you can ask me questions  (Valued at $720.00)

20 years of knowledge and experience of teaching and supporting children with extreme behaviour challenges (PRICELESS!)

A life long understanding of your children and skills and therapeutic strategies that will continue to work long after I am gone (PRICELESS!)

A relationship with your child based on trust, empathy, connection, playfulness, curiosity, love and guidance: Every parent's dream.

BONUS CONTENT: Guest experts sharing their knowledge to support you on your parenting journey.

Course Price $397.00 (Incl GST)

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"We just finished the Calm, Connected kids course with Chrissie and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Absolutely LOVE the way she teaches using the mix of neuroscience and empathetic strategies. It has shifted our parenting and our children are  calmer and happier, and we feel more settled and confident as parents. Just wish we had done it sooner! Well worth the investment! Chrissie is simply AMAZING!"

During Week One – "Fresh Start” we will cover:

  • Perceptions & Expectations
  • Environment, energy & layout
  • Emotional temperature
  • Routines and structure and why they are so important for kids
  • Organisation
  • Visual routines
  • Unplugging – ditching technology & the benefits
  • Setting kids up for success

During Week Two – “Hearts & Brains” we will cover:

  • Teach and model brain care for children
  • Why empathy is your most important tool
  • Behaviour is communication
  • Understanding emotions
  • Teaching emotional resilience
  • Becoming your child’s emotional coach
  • Ditching punishments and consequences

 During Week Three  – “Connection” we will cover:

  • Connection cravers
  • Filling up kid’s buckets
  • Fostering mutual respect, trust, safety & intrinsic motivation in children
  • Teach through love and connection
  • Micro moments
  • Connection activities

 During Week Four – “Communication” we will cover:

  • Power of positivity
  • Explicit language- talk so kids listen
  • Optimal learning time
  • Labelling behaviour
  • Direct Instruction
  • Power of the peer
  • Indirect reprimand/praise

"The Calm Connected KIDS course has been filled with gold nuggets for our family life. I loved that the video modules were broken into short bite-sized chunks and Chrissie kept everything really practical and actionable. She helped us both UNDERSTAND our child's behaviour and then the WHAT - what do we do about it? She gave so many strategies for us to use now and I feel I more confident now as a mum that I have a range of strategies to use and a better parenting positive mindset!"

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Rowena Thomas - Amazing Me 

Rowena the facilitator of ‘Amazing Me’ has been enthusiastically and passionately delivering sexual health programs in primary schools for over 30 years. Rowena is a trained primary school teacher and a parent of 3 adult kids (her biggest education yet). She speaks to thousands of parents, teachers and primary aged children every year. Rowena understands the many complexities and challenges that come at different stages in a child’s life when talking about tough topics.

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Jacquie Ward- The Brave Space

Jacquie is a mama of three & a Provisional Psychologist dedicated to supporting quirky, sensitive, challenging kids and their amazing Mums. She specialises in educating families about how to support kids with anxiety and big emotions, as well as create resilient kids using a growth mindset.
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One very happy dadda.

Damian is a father to two boys aged 4 years and 20 months. His wife and himself loved being able to complete the course at home, as it was like having your own personal behaviourist in your living room! Listen to what Damian got out of this course...

"Signing up to Calm Connected Kids has honestly been the BEST decision for not only me (and my mental health), but for our entire family. Learning about how our children's brains work has been a game changer. I am so much more patient, understanding and connected with my kids. I can not thank Chrissie enough for sharing her years of knowledge with us, and making this parenting gig that little bit easier. She really is a superstar!"

Meagan - kids aged 10, 8 and 2

One very happy mama.....

Suz is a mama of two kids aged 7 & 8 and she learnt SO much from the course, that she recommends that all parents should do it! Now that's what I call incredible feedback. Have listen below!

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is best suited for families who have children aged 2-12 years.

The LIVE round gets a lot of engagement with me. You can ask me questions along the way and share in the private Facebook group. There is also bonus content in the live round that you do not have access to in the self paved version, but otherwise the video modules are the same.

Absolutely not. Some people love the group learning format and chats with other families. Some people like to watch and read, but not engage and that is totally fine too. We all learn differently, and there is no pressure to contribute if you don't want to. i do, however offer fabulous prizes for those who share their insights in the group.

Each weekly module has about an hours worth of viewing that is broken up in to smaller videos. The longest video in the entire course is around 15 minutes. You can watch them all in one go, or watch a few at a time and then come back.

You will have access to the content for 40 days and once each module is released you can watch it as many times as you like. There is no limit. The course will expire after the 40 day unless you choose to sign up for the monthly membership. Then you will have unlimited access for as long as you like.

Absolutely! You can log in to your account from different devices from anywhere. You can also use the Kajabi app on your IPhone, listen to the videos like a podcast as you are walking or on the train. It is really easy to access the videos.

Absolutely! Chrissie has spent the majority of her career working with kids with challenging behaviours related to their diagnosis. All of her approaches have been used in specialist education settings and proved successful with many children.

Absolutely! You can email Chrissie for an invoice or she can send you a receipt so that you can claim the cost of the course using your NDIS funding.

Calm Connected KIDS Community

Upon completion of Calm Connected KIDS you will be invited to join Chrissie's private membership group where she provides ongoing support, advice and encouragement for families and professionals. You will also have unlimited access to the course, discounts on other courses or products and private consultations with Chrissie.

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